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      Information for Prospective (NYSC) Corps members

Mobilization| Orientation| Primary Assignment| Community Development ServiceWinding-up Activities and passing-out parade| Problems and Prospects of NYSC Scheme

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Orientation course/camping
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Accommodation on Camp
Orientation Broadcasting Services (OBS)
Religious Activities at Orientation Camps
Lectures/Language Studies
Medical Services
Corps Allowances
Mode of Dressing of the NYSC Orientation Camp
The Dos and Don’ts at the NYSC Orientation Camp
NYSC Anthem

Orientation Course

Upon call-up and reporting to their states of deployment, the corps member registers for the orientation course. Only corps members who register before the deadline (usually 12 midnight on the third or fourth day depending on the duration of the orientation) are allowed to participate in the orientation exercise. The orientation course is designated to achieve the following objectives of the scheme:

(a) To give the corps members a better understanding of the objectives of the NYSC scheme and enable them to internalize its ideals.
(b) To familiarize corps members with their new environment in their political, cultural, social and economic setting.
(c) To instil discipline in the youths; and
(d) To imbue in them the spirit of collective responsibility.

Components of the orientation course

(i) Swearing-in Ceremony
(ii) General orientation course
(iii) Professional orientation and
(iv) Terminal parade.

The Orientation Camp

Before your arrival, the NYSC authorities would put in place the necessary machinery for your smooth registration/camp activities. There are designated points to see you through the stages of registration. One important thing that is highly required of you at this stage is high level of discipline, cooperation and patience in other to receive the expected attention. See the officials as your parents away from home as they are well trained to cope with the peculiarities of the assignment. Always feel free to ask questions from the officials.

The orientation camp is a community on its own. The clinic is there to take care of ailing corps members and camp officials. There is mini market where you can purchase some useful/consumable items.The NYSC authorities ensures the provision of water, food, accommodation, bed/mattress and kitting for registered qualified corps members.

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Registration Tips

Your one year National Service begins from the date you are documented for service at the NYSC orientation camp. Stages of registration.

(a) Submission of call-up letter (do not laminate the call-up letter)
(b) Presentation of your last institutions ID card for screening
(c) Presentation of original certificates/statement of results for screening

After screening of the above, you will be issued with

(a) State code number which is exclusively yours
(b) A meal ticket (card)
(c) A file to house the call-up letter, photocopies of your credentials and other NYSC forms you are expected to complete
(d) Register your name in the “Book of Life”
(e) Filling of series of NYSC forms under the guide of NYSC officials

Points to Note

1. Read carefully all the instructions in every handout, booklet or forms before filling them. Do not hurry in completing the forms.

2. Write legibly on all forms to be completed, preferably use capital letters especially the certificate format.

3. Ensure that you supply accurate and complete information on all required formats

4. Where you are required to supply any address be it next of kin, home address or mailing address, you must include name of street, house number, name of town in addition to post office number. This will help greatly to trace your parents/next of kin in case of an emergency. It can also help even after the service year.

5. Always take your turn (queue up) for everything for the purpose of orderliness.

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Meal ticket

You will be issued with a “meal card” immediately you are cleared at the very first point of screening. The meal ticket will enable you feed throughout the period of the orientation course. It must be carefully and neatly preserved since without it, you may not be fed. Note that it is neither replaceable nor transferable.

Accommodation on Camp

After completing your registration exercise, you will be allocated to a hall of residence and be issued with a bed and mattress. On no account should you remove beds from one room to another or occupy two beds or use two mattresses at a time. Also, there should be no reason whatsoever to invite hawkers and photographers into the halls of residence. They are security risks to your valuable items. You are expected to keep your rooms and environs perfectly clean all the time. Use and keep you toilets in good hygiene condition always. You are expected to comply strictly with these rules in your own interest.

Orientation Broadcasting Services (OBS)

Always listen to the OBS all the time for necessary information and announcements. The public relations committee runs the camp OBS to make for easy flow of information within the camp. Programmes handled by the OBS include: instructions/directives from appropriate authorities, news/news commentary, requests, sports commentary, discussions, announcements, musicals, etc. Corps members with flare for broadcasting and engineering are usually co-opted into the OBS committee.

Religious Activities at Orientation Camps

While freedom of religion and worship is allowed on camp, it must be done in accordance with the guidelines as entrenched in the laws of this great nation. Consequently, the NYSC recognizes Sundays for Christians and Fridays for Muslims but will not condone provocative worships that may put the peace of the camp in jeopardy. It is therefore necessary to sound it loud and clear that NYSC programmes supercede any other at the orientation camp.

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Lectures/Language Studies

Lectures are compulsory for every corps member on camp. The lectures are carefully put together to prepare the corps members of the task ahead. They are usually highly informative and educative. You will never regret participating during lecture sessions.

Language studies have to do with the art of learning the local language of the people in the state where you have been deployed to, for the one-year National Service. The essence is to equip you with the rudiments of the prevailing local language so that you can freely engage in daily conversations and interactions with the local community.


Discipline is a fundamental instrument on camp. It is non-negotiable. The presence of the military on camp is a clear indication that discipline is the order of the day. Corps members are therefore advised to behave themselves as any act of indiscipline will attract stern disciplinary measures as may be decided by the Orientation Camp Court. On no account should any corps member travel out of camp without due permission by the camp Director or State Director. The camp Director is in charge of administration on camp. Everyone on camp has the responsibility on camp to be security conscious. Corps members are advised to take proper care of their valuables at all times and should endeavour to report suspicious movements to the police on camp or any camp official. For purposes of identification, corps members must always be kitted in line with the programmes in session, for instance, there is the kitting for parade, drills and ceremonies as the case may be.

Medical Services

There is a camp clinic which runs for 24 hours throughout the duration of the orientation course. Treatment at the camp clinic is free of charge, so avoid self and dangerous medication. Corps doctors, pharmacists and laboratory technologists /scientists manage the camp clinic on staff basis.

Accounts Department/Corps Allowances

The accounts unit of the orientation camp takes care of corps entitlements:

- There is transport allowance payable on arrival at the camp;
- There is local transport (bicycle) allowance and
- Monthly allowance, which will be paid towards the end of the orientation course, is the last of the series of allowances paid to corps members during orientation exercise.

Subsequent personal allowance for the remaining months of the year can only be paid to you on the production of monthly clearance, duly endorsed by you employer at your place of primary assignment. Failure to obtain the monthly clearance from your employer indicates that you did not work for the month in question. So, there will be no monthly allowance for that month.

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Kitting/Mode of Dressing of the NYSC Orientation Camp

Once you are through with the registration exercise and having completed all that is officially required of you, you are now qualified to be issued with the NYSC identity card by the public relations officer, and NYSC kit items (by the NYSC Store Officers). The NYSC identity card is a legal document. It is not transferable while the NYSC kit items are special dresses strictly worn by bona fide service corps members. It is forbidden to be worn by unqualified persons.

The kit items are as follows:

(a) 2 plain vests
(b) 1 Youth Corps cap
(c) 1 Khaki shirt and a trouser
(d) 1 Youth Corps belt
(e) 1 pair of jungle boots
(f) 2 P.E. shorts
(g) 1 vest with NYSC emblem
(h) 1 pair of white canvas shoes
(i) 2 pairs of stockings

From this time (registration/swearing-in) henceforth, the mode of dressing at the camp is kitting, i.e. appearing always in NYSC kit items. This makes for easy identification and helps the camp officials to fish out intruders or external persons not officially invited to the camping ground.

The NYSC orientation camp is a world of its own with the military rules guiding the conduct of every member of the community. Discipline is the watchword at the camp. You must yield yourself to discipline if you want to have your peace while at the orientation camp. Every activity on camp is timed and strict. Compliance with such timing makes you a better citizen.

Some of the prominent activities on camp include the following:

(i) Military parade/drills
(ii) Man O’war activities
(iii) Lectures
(iv) Social activities
(v) Endurance trek

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The Dos and Don’ts at the NYSC Orientation Camp

(a) Cultism is a taboo on camp. It is highly prohibited at NYSC camps
(b) Drug addiction has no place at the camp
(c) Stealing is an abomination on camp. Do not attempt it.
(d) Rioting/demonstration and the likes are not part of paramilitary
(e) Group meetings are not allowed on camp
(f) Rape is a serious crime against humanity
(g) Fighting on camp attracts severe penalty
(h) Taking double ration of food makes one liable for surcharge
(i) Flippancy and unguarded utterances attract severe punishment
(j) Ensure that you participate in all camp activities
(k) Avoid rumour mongering, always seek information at the appropriate quarters.
(l) Be prudent in spending. Remember you will settle down for your primary assignment.
(m) Smoking/chewing of gum are not allowed on parade
(n) Always observe the lights-out instruction
(o) Discipline is the watchword in NYSC
(p) All activities on the camping program are designed for your own good;so comply.


Youths obey the clarion call
Let us lift our nation high
Under the sun or in the rain
With dedication and selflessness
Nigeria is ours, Nigeria we serve

Member take the great salute
Put the nation first in all
With service and humanity
NYSC for the noble youth
Make Nigeria a great nation
Far and near we come to serve
And to build our fatherland
With oneness and loyalty
NYSC for unity
Hail Nigeria our great nation

Mobilization| Orientation| Primary Assignment| Community Development ServiceWinding-up Activities and passing-out parade| Problems and Prospects of NYSC Scheme


Home| NYSC Niger State| NYSC Bida Zone| The Power State| Bida Emirate| Bida Local Government| Institutions in Bida| Prospective (NYSC) corps members| NYSC National Directorate


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